Patricia Brennan Demuth


Busy at Day Care Head to Toe

“Bright, action-packed photos and a rhymed text make this a day-care book that bursts with energy.”  — Horn Book

Behind The Scenes

 Jack and I enjoyed a great time doing this book at the Tiny Tot Preschool and Kindergarten in Skokie, Illinois. Here I am taking notes and joshing with the kids.

Pat taking notes for day care

Praise for Busy at Day Care: Head to Toe

A colorful and lively book for anyone seeking to prepare and acclimate young children to the idea of day care. With its upbeat and positive tone and encouragement of active participation, this title is also a natural choice for library story times.

School Library Journal, July 1, 1996

For a child starting day care, this is a joyful introduction with a bouncing, rhyming text and lots of full-color action photos that show girls and boys having a wonderful time together.

Booklist, June 1, 1996. American Library Association

Caregivers and young children getting ready for their first day care experience will enjoy this exuberant, action-filled look at an interracial group of preschoolers having a great day of play. The bouncy, brief, rhyming test is just right for reading aloud.

—   Kirkus Reviews, June 1996

Bright, action-packed photos and a rhymed text make this a day-care book that bursts with energy. Using deft changes of pace to highlight the fun that busy bodies can have in a preschool group, this book will help ready children for day care of make them proud to be there already.

Horn Book, 1996

Recommended reading for any youngster who is apprehensive about a new or upcoming day-care experience, the Demuths’ cheerful photo-essay focuses on a smoothly run center attended by a multiracial crew of preschoolers. Superimposed against neutral-toned drawings by the featured children, the photos include an attractive, balanced mix of group shots and close-ups, candids and posed pictures, portrayals of high-energy play and of activities requiring quiet concentration.

Publishers Weekly, June 10, 1996