Patricia Brennan Demuth


City Horse

“Consistently interesting, precisely informative, and warmly human”  — Kirkus Reviews

A Junior Literary Guild Selection
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Listed in The Best in Children’s Books: The University of Chicago’s Guide, by Zena Sutherland

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Photos © Jack Demuth

Praise for City Horse

“…a highly personable book. Together the Demuths convey the natural fears of a country horse in the noisy, crowded city… Consistently interesting, precisely informative, and warmly human, this is just enough above the ordinary that it an be read aloud to younger children as suitably as it can be read by older ones for themselves.”

Kirkus Reviews, March 1, 1979

What early childhood social studies needs is a fresh look at community helpers. City horse, I am happy to report, is a step in the right direction. …book might be used most effectively when read to the children.

—Social Studies For Kids, January 1979

This book is written [and photographed]  beautifully.

—Plain Dealer,  “Book Nook for the Young”

In a fine blend of simple text and action filled, black and white photographs the Demuths describe the training and care of one of the horses…Hannon’s story will undoubtedly be an eye opener for many children.

—School Library Journal, April 1979

The authors do an excellent job

—Booklist, 3/15/79

CITY HORSE celebrates a magnificent anachronism in modern urban society—that special bond between a human and his horse. … Jack and Patricia Demuth’s fine documentary photography and perceptive observations have made their photo essay a fascinating experience for readers young and old.

St Louis Post Dispatch, June 17, 1979