Patricia Brennan Demuth


Johnny Appleseed

“This biography of John Chapman will be well received by beginning readers.”  — School Library Journal

Who Was Johnny Appleseed?

Was he just in stories?
When I was a kid, I thought so.
But Johnny Appleseed was a real man.
He lived in America about 200 years ago.
Back then, most part of America had no apple trees.
Johnny Appleseed got an idea:
to plant apple trees all over!
So he set out.

Find out more about him when you read Johnny Appleseed.
And next time you eat an apple, think of Johnny. Take a big bite. And say “Thanks!”

Johnny Appleseed page 10

Rights reserved by Grosset & Dunlap. Illustration by Michael Montgomery

Praise for Johnny Appleseed

This biography of John Chapman will be well received by beginning readers. Demuth shares the most appealing facts about her subject’s life: enjoying nature and, of course, planting the seeds for apple trees across the unsettled West. Montgomery’s artwork is above average for this genre. Several double-page spreads are beautiful in their simplicity and effectively reflect the historical period. Here is a Johnny Appleseed story that can be read independently or read aloud in September when units about apples are popular.

—School Library Journal. April 1997